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Management Style

At Penney Wise Wealth Advisors we take an innovative approach to money management. Our practice favors a holistic approach where we invest, manage, and provide financial advice for our clients based on a clear understanding of their entire financial background, needs and goals.

We take this same approach when analyzing the local and global marketplace.  Penney Wise understands that a successful investor does not “get lucky” and cannot predict the next “big thing” in investments; in this business success comes from those who are constantly engaging in risk analysis.  With over thirty years of combined experience, we have come to understand key indicators and predictors in the marketplace to help our clients make the right choices for their financial needs.

When it comes to our clients we understand that the financial advising and consulting industry is changing, not due to the economy but due to a new investor who is inundated with information and choices.  Today’s investor is savvy and well equipped.  But with all the options and resources available now, it can make it hard for individuals to find help and advice that is tailored for their specific needs and goals and is not a watered down, generic approach geared for the masses.  At Penney Wise, we offer the experience, capability, and technology to formulate an individualized strategic approach designed especially for you.

Here at Penney Wise, we understand that our clients seek us out to help create and manage their wealth, not to blunder it all away.  We maintain that we will always remain “Penney Wise and Dollar Smart.”